Glory Movie Essay

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The award-winning movie Glory, is a historic war drama that was directed by Edward Zwick. Glory won numerous awards including: being nominated for five and winning three Oscars for best cinematography, best sound, and best actor in a supporting role (Denzel Washington); being nominated for 5 golden globes and winning one; being nominated for a BAFTA award; it won an American Cinema Editors award; it won a British Society of Cinematography award; and was nominated and won many more. The movie starred Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes, Morgan Freeman, Jihmi Kennedy,Andre Braugher, and John Finn. The movie was written by Kevin Jarre in order to address the misconception many people had: the war to emancipate slaves also was fought…show more content…
Of course, since it was a movie, everything occurred more rapidly, for instance, the soldiers got uniforms earlier than when they actually got them. I found that the movie did in fact portray the volunteers well, as during the Civil war, kids in their teens were picked as well as older men, and the movie captured those details. The lack of respect that these black soldiers got saddens me, as without them, the war wouldn’t have ended easily. Without the black soldiers the army would have been way smaller. I don’t understand the logic behind treating the innocent people so poorly, who do the same thing as the white men, if not better than the white men. In class we discussed this lack of care for the freemen, and how the initial integration of them into civilization was almost the same if not worse than them being slaves, as they were constantly isolated from others and treated poorly, without the physical abuse aspect. The movie also makes it seem like Shaw fully supported the black soliders when in actuality, his parents were strong abolitionists although he wasn’t at first and it took him time to respect his soldiers, and to see them as good as white soldiers. Despite it’s minor accuracy flaws,Glory really opened my eyes about the Civil War, as I never knew much about the 54th Regiment, and I didn’t realize how many blacks, and how big of a role
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