Glow Sticks Research Paper

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The researcher has discovered various items concerning glow sticks via the internet and books. One interesting fact that was revealed was that the speed of light in water is about ¾ of its speed in empty space. The researcher will be providing more information concerning light, glow sticks, and temperature (Light). Lighting generally refers to artificial light, and we use the artificial light inside and outside. Without lighting, we can not use windowless area’s twenty-four/seven. Lighting provides safety rooms a lot of places.Vision depends on light, good lighting will make the eyes work easily, and bad lighting will make our eyes work harder. Light can not damage the eyes, but it may cause eye strain that leads to dizziness, headaches, or sleepiness.…show more content…
Someone mixed hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and Mountain Dew, and the human being said that it glowed in the dark which makes Mountain Dew glow in the dark. After the human being posted the video another human being proven that it was just a joke because Mountain Dew can’t glow in the dark. The prankster slipped in liquid from a glow stick in the Mountain Dew, baking soda, and the hydrogen peroxide was not in yet. After, the hydrogen peroxide and the glow sticks liquid mixed up the solution began to glow. The Mountain Dew had nothing to do with the substance glowing (Dangers of Opening Glow Sticks). Use safe, precautions are to be followed by the chemicals that stay inside of the glow stick. The packaging on the glow sticks says that they are non-toxic. Do not puncture or cut the plastic cover off of the glow sticks. The glow sticks contain chemicals. There are no dangerous chemicals, but they should be handled with respect. Glow sticks use dibutyl phthalate as one of these chemicals. The glow sticks use a small glass to mix the hydrogen peroxide in the phthalic ester (Dangers of Opening Glow

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