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Angeles, Christine N.
Student no.: 20160066
Case Study Report: Windsor Residential Care Ltd
I. Introduction
This case report will examine the effectiveness of actively promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in the management of an organization, Windsor Residential Care Ltd. It also contains an action plan regarding Equality and Diversity Strategy for the year 2014 to 2017 in order to bring an effective change in the organisation.
II. Definition of terms
Equality is a legal context promoting equal opportunity to every person and protecting everyone against discrimination. The purpose of equality is to ensure every person acquire the same things or equal chance for them to enjoy fulfilled and healthy life. Guaranteeing that everyone
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Importance and benefits of managing this diversity
There is prescription that a company could apply to be successful, therefore it depends on the capability of the leader to sort out what is best to the organisation based on the level of productivity of the workplace. Leaders and managers should know and recognise skills that are vital in creating a positive and effective diverse workforce. One day session of training and programs is inadequate to change a person’s behaviour and styles, therefore the company need continuous development, implementation and maintaining trainings and awareness foundation.
The welfare of having a diverse workforce is that it brings a unique standpoint to the company. Having a wide range of cultural backgrounds are useful in the diverse costumer case that the every parts of the world have. Having an equality and diversity in the organisation send a fair norms for the employees and customers. Diversity around the workplace makes the environment interesting that creates an opportunities to discover different ideas and perceptions. A distinct workforce is important to ensure that it has an accessible, affordable and quality healthcare system.

IV. Equality and Diversity Strategy Action
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To assess level of diversity and attitude of employees, patients and all other staffs within the organization. Disability Diversity

All Diversity Manager.

Diversity Manager.

Objective 4 - We have established effective monitoring and oversight mechanisms and are proactive in managing a comprehensive knowledge base about the diversity of our organisation to assist in action planning which fulfil our equality objectives and legal responsibilities. Intervention Timescale Outcome Diversity Characteristic Responsibility

4.2 Develop, implement and monitor effectiveness of organizational strategies to encourage younger staff to engage in senior leadership roles.

Staff Meeting on possible equality and diversity issues. Start April 2014

Start April 1, 2014
(Monthly) To promote mentorship and continual learning to their field of specialization.

To analyze any emerging issues and addressing any patterns of inequalities. Age

All HR manager and Guidance counsellors.

Unit heads

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