Gluten Allergy Research Paper

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A gluten allergy can result in Coeliac disease which is a condition of the small intestine. Gluten is found in rye, barley, and wheat and it reacts with the small bowel causing the immune system to attack the bowels lining.

Sometimes it?s subtle while other times you know that you have a problem. When it is not treated it can lead to anemia, diseases of the bone, and even some types of cancer. Of course the best treatment for a gluten allergy is to avoid foods with gluten.

What causes the gluten allergy? Gluten is two proteins glutenin and gliadin which when mixed with water become sticky like dough. In the small bowel are little tiny fingers called villi which are supposed to absorb nutrients but with a gluten allergy your immune system
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Your doctor will also be able to assist you and a dietician can help you with your diet.

Don?t forget to heal your body with vitamins and minerals as well as herbal supplements that can boost your immune system and help bring you back into balance. Healing the intestine is an important part of bringing your body back into total health.

Complications from a gluten allergy are very rare. Occasionally infertility does occur, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, and a slight increased risk of bowel cancer can occur. Studies have shown that after 5 years of being on a gluten free diet your risks of all cancers associated with gluten are removed.

Foods that contain gluten are everywhere ? after all it is a staple in the American diet. But both the protein and the gluten in the wheat are a common allergen. Dealing with a gluten allergy can be frustrating because there are so many restrictions. Learning how to properly deal with it will reduce your frustration and keep you healthier.

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