Gluten Free Marketing Strategy

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Indian Retailers
The Indian retailers which mimic the US online retailer are:
1. Wheafree
2. Gluten free bread boutique

Wheafree came into being in the year 2008 to cater to gluten free food requirements of Celiac patients in India. It has a wide range of gluten free products ranging from flours, mixes, fresh bakery, cakes, cookies, pasta, cereals etc. It is one of the most trusted name for gluten free products in India. It operates in the online space primarily and has tied up with retailers in various cities as part of the offline efforts. It has a fully equipped Quality Control lab with modern testing equipment and testing kits imported from USA. The production facility is based in Patiala, Punjab.

Gluten Free Bread Boutique
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Even though they are not allergic to gluten or do not have celiac disease they prefer gluten free as they recognize it as need for good diet. In US, about 1 % people suffer from celiac disease, a medical condition that requires people to avoid eating gluten. The concept of gluten free diet is yet to kick off in India, however online retailers like Wheafree and offline retailers like bread boutique have made it to the market and are serving a niche health conscious or celiac affected customers.
Information Search: In U.S the consumers who want healthy lifestyle search for information regarding gluten free products. The information search is done through surfing at stores for particular type of gluten free product. 68% of the people who are interested in gluten free products shop at three or more stores per month to find gluten-free food. In India the gluten free products is searched online. Wheafree, The online retailer ties up with private couriers to fulfil the order. The offline retailer information search happens at super markets and hyper
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Since the category is viewed as healthy supplement to diet, evaluation parameter is mostly on the ingredients that the product consists off and the nutritional value it provides to the consumer. Taste is also other crucial evaluation parameter for gluten free baked products. Price is another crucial factor for evaluation of gluten free baked products.
Choice: The choice to buy gluten free baked products in U.S was based on product selection, convenience, and wide range of choices available. In India, limited choices of retailers restrict the consumers in terms of choice of retailers. But both Wheafree and Bread boutique provide good range of assortments. So choice depends on the product, taste and price.
Visit: In U.S the retail store visit for gluten free baked products is generally the store that families visit to buy groceries and baked products. Over 9% of the gluten free consumers visit specific natural or health food store. In India, the visit for gluten free baked products are is restricted due to low demand and availability of such

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