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HOW TO CHOSE THE BEST BREAD MACHINE FOR GLUTTEN FREE BREAD For people with celiac disease, digesting food containing gluten is a nightmare: this can damage the small intestines that help the body absorb nutrients from food. Those who don 't have such disease but are sensitive to gluten can experience uncomfortable symptoms or discomfort (fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, to name a few). Following a gluten free diet is crucial for these people; it can even benefit those without such gluten-related issues. Gluten is normally found in wheat, rye and barley, which mean that the daily bread you eat can contain it too. Now you have a very simple way to make gluten-free breads without many complications: just by choosing the best bread machine for…show more content…
Good heating element Now that you know it is not simple at all when dealing with the gluten free dough, one handy tip is to make sure heat is distributed evenly during the baking process. This will ensure good bread loaf for you afterwards and avoid any potential issues. 5. A custom cycle works better than a gluten free cycle There is a reason why a gluten free cycle is recommended: traditional dough rises 2-3 times before the baking process is done but gluten free dough rises only once. Using the gluten free cycle means that unnecessary rises can be skipped. Over-rising and over-kneading can cause the dough to spill over or collapse. However, it also has shortcomings: it is not designed for different mixes. For different recipes, the time required time for mixing, rising or baking can vary considerably; it may not match the time in the free cycle setting at all. Therefore, you may make a mistake if you think that a gluten free setting can guarantee good gluten bread: it is not that simple. People often consider custom bread making cycle better than the gluten free setting. With a custom cycle, you can set up a cycle and specify time for each part of the process. The ability to adjust cycles is one of the keys for best bread

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