Gluten Free Diet Analysis

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The gluten free diet has become fashionable, however going gluten free is not the best option for people who do not require a specialized diet due to their health. There are many celebrity endorsers claiming cutting out gluten can help with weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle, but going gluten free is not for everyone. Gluten is the name of two proteins that bond and are found in wheat products, gliadin and glutenin (Specter, 2014). Gluten is commonly found in products containing wheat. The bond between gliadin and glutenin gives bread elasticity and adds texture, gluten also traps carbon dioxide which helps bread rise when baked (Specter, 2014). Gluten can be found in a variety of foods such as products containing wheat including:…show more content…
The trend is here to stay, with many restaurants offering gluten free options, and in the United States many products launched promising to be gluten free and are popular on supermarket shelves (Saner, 2015). The evidence that suggests gluten is possibly to blame for discomfort has been in some ways disproven (Specter, 2014). Although there are a variety of gluten free products that are available for purchase it is not necessary to cut out gluten to live a healthier lifestyle. Gluten has been a component of the human diet for thousands of years and based on my research it is more of a trend to live a gluten free life and not a necessity to living a healthier life. It would be better to cut out FODMAPS and see the benefits of cutting those from your diet. Overall the gluten free diet appears to be a trend popularized by celebrities and being criticized by others. While some can report experiencing more energy and a better quality of life it can still be criticized as another trend. Those who suffer from Celiac Disease are able to have a better quality of life due to the new products that advertise being gluten free, however going gluten free is not necessary to live a healthy lifestyle if you are not suffering from a health problem related to
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