Gluten Free Diet Research Paper

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Gluten Free Diet Plan for Indian It seems like the gluten-free diet is the new in thing. As people across the globe are adopting a gluten-free diet, Indians are not far behind. But what exactly is a gluten-free diet? Gluten is a type of protein which is found in various food substances such as wheat and barley. Many people are unable to consume gluten in any form and if they do, they contract a number of diseases. The most common form of gluten-intolerance causes the celiac disease. It can also cause osteoporosis, cancer, fatigue, anemia, irritable bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus. Gluten is present in various foods that we eat every day – rice, corn, soy, bread, biscuits, cake, cereals, pasta, soup, sauces…show more content…
Eating a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean that you stop eating all grains. There are various grains which do not contain gluten and can supply your body with all the required nutrients in sufficient amounts. These include wild rice, oats, brown rice, corn, millets, amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat. These grains contain ample quantities of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Gluten-free diet plan for Indians While planning a gluten-free diet for Indians, one must take into account the fact that various Indian spices may also contain gluten. Here are a few gluten-free options that are really healthy: 1. Vegetarian Dishes – One can prepare various vegetarian dishes that are free of gluten. Potato is used in preparing various dishes such as jeera-aloo, aloo-gobhi, aloo-mutter and all these are seasoned with cumin, coriander and red chilli powder. Lady finger is another vegetable that is gluten free. You can prepare any of these vegetables with some gravy and serve it with brown…show more content…
Dairy Items – Cheese or paneer tikka can be made gluten-free by coating it in yoghurt in place of flour before placing it in a clay oven. Shahi paneer or paneer makhni is a savory vegetarian dish with tomato gravy and it is free of gluten. Plain yoghurt and mixed raita are both gluten-free side dishes. 4. Rice dishes – Indians love to eat rice. Be it a pea pulao, a biryani, curd rice, Himalayan red rice, sweet rice, spinach rice, jeera rice or boiled rice, Indians like them all. Just replace white rice with brown rice or wild rice. All rice based dishes can be teamed up with yoghurt and/or any other curries. 5. Poultry and Meat – Various poultry, mutton and fish dishes can be prepared gluten-free very easily. Chicken tikka masala, achari fish tikka, chicken korma, seekh kebab, lamb kofta kebabs, chicken salad and all time favorite butter chicken are all gluten-free recipes. 6. Breads – Indians are very fond of eating chapattis, paranthas and naans with gravies and vegetables but unfortunately, these are off the limit since they all contain gluten. Well, you need not lose heart because there are still plenty of options that can be prepared without gluten. Some of these are idli, dosas, vada, papad and chana dal cheela. All these can be combined with any curry and relished with chicken dishes
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