The Glycemic Index

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1. The Glycemic Index is defined as the measurement of how quickly your body digests the food and converts it into glucose in your blood stream. The difference between Glycemic index and Glycemic load is that the Glycemic load combines both the quantity of food as well as the quality of the food.

2. The Glycemic index uses a scale of 0 to 100 with the higher values of the food being the one that causes the rapid rise in the blood glucose level. These figures are done by several tests by taking samples of one’s blood after one has eaten. The label on foods that read “Low GI” shows one that the food will take longer to absorb into the body as well as to break down into the blood stream making one feel fuller for longer. Although eating
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The ideal blood glucose level in humans is 70-100 mg/dL. During the day and after ones meal their blood glucose levels will either rise or drop depending if they are fasting or not. During the day ones blood glucose level should never get over 130-140 mg/dL after their meals. This might change as it does depend on the person. This is seen as an ideal level as if ones glucose level is higher of lower the person may become a pre-diabetic or may even become a type 1 or type 2 diabetic. One should watch their blood glucose levels as it can be very dangerous to have a low blood glucose level as well as a high blood glucose level.

4. Glycemic index is classified into 3 different groups. Low, Medium and high. To classify these into the three categories one needs to look at the scale of the GI. Low GI is 0-55, medium GI is 56-69 and high GI is 70-100. The following table shows different foods in the different GI ratings.

Low : Medium: High:
Carrots Brown rice Rice Cakes
Sweet Potatoes Banana White bread
Oranges Raisins
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The source had a list of different foods and had classified them into the 3 categories that are given for the glycemic index. It was only helpful for the classification of the glycemic index and nothing else. It was also a PDF file and did not have an indication of a date on it or anything. It was a reliable source as I did research to check that the information was correct on the file. It did limit me on my research as it didn’t give me any information on what I needed. It hardly had any

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