Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gm Foods

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Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of genetically modified foods
Due to the problem of food shortage, the scientists and governments try to solve the problem by investing genetically modified food (GM Food). The development of genetically modified food starts from 1994. The mature technology makes the genetically modified food common among the world. From the website of Centre for food safety (2015), there are several types of GM food are common in the market, such as corn oil, soya bean products. Genetically modified food included the shifting of DNA to another cell of plants or animals and control of the DNA of the food. This essay will focus on the benefit and the drawback of the GM food, then find out whether it is necessary to our life.

The first benefit of the GM food is the greater tolerance to the different aspects, ranging from the weather to environment. Having been inserted the gene of cold water fish, the GM plants can survive in the low temperature. Moreover, some of GM food can be grown in the area where is drought. These can benefit the people who live in the place with extreme weather,
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Alan (2000) also states that the GM can bring benefit to our life instead of the disadvantage. He showed that there is no any harmful effect is reported because of GM food. Despite the several drawbacks, we cannot deny the contribution of GM food. Most of the production in the world is changing to tertiary production from primary production. Fewer people involve in the agricultural activities. GM food is one of the methods to increase the food supply in the future. Undoubtedly, there are many people concern the safety of GM food. The Government should impose a strict GM labelling regulations to ease people’s concerns. I hope the GM food could be invested with shorter time and lower cost in the future, therefore those poor countries can be benefited from the GM
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