Genetically Modified Food Argumentative Essay

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Genetically modified food, usually short written as GM food, is food which composed by artificial modified DNA, like insert genes from another organism. GM food is not newly introduced technology, the first scientist discovered genes can be transfer between organism was in 1946, the first genetically modified products first appeared in 1983. However, debates over the topic has never stopped. Some people hold positive view towards GM food, think that it can improve our world. Nevertheless, I hold a opposite view, I think GM food is worsening our world rather than improving it. GM food has negative effects on both nature and human while producing and using. Negative Effects on Nature Reduce biodiversity Although through genetic modification, food can contain various kinds of nutrition we need, but in long-term, GM food can threaten the biodiversity of our planet. GM food is…show more content…
Genetically modified crops also aim to lower the failure of crops, which can maximize the benefits of farmer through the increase of income from selling crops. Nevertheless, this technology created chances for biotech companies to exploit farmers, even causing farmers to commit suicide. Big companies developed the genetically modified seed, and sell it to farmers. But farmers have little bargaining power only, they can only rely on the biotech companies. These companies do not aim to help farmers to increase their income, but aim to maximize their own profit. Therefore, they take advantages of the farmers through genetically modified crops. The farmers have to buy seeds from those companies every years and even mislead by those company. The seeds are non-renewable, if the farmers wants to grow the genetically modified crops continuously, they have to buy the seeds every year, which worsen their
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