How To Write A Gm501 Unit Two Assignment

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Running head: UNIT TWO ASSIGNMENT 1 UNIT TWO ASSIGNMENT 6 Unit Two Assignment ? Annotated Bibliography Michelle Kinyungu Kaplan University GM501-01: Management Theories and Practices II Dr. Carrie A. O?Hare January 19, 2016 Unit Two Assignment ? Annotated Bibliography Academic Article/Annotation Format The following peer-reviewed, academic journal article has been secured from the Virtual Library at Kaplan University. The article has been formatted using the APA hanging indent format. The article reference is shown below and in the References page. Steele, G. A., & Plenty, D.…show more content…
? ? Areas to be evaluated Points Earned Possible Points Academic Article -Peer reviewed Journal article 4 Annotation Format -Properly cited the article in APA 6th 2 Author Credibility -What are the author?s credentials and experience? -How would you assess their credibility?.why? 3 Intended Audience -Who is the author addressing? 3 Content Summary -Summarize the content of the article. 8 Article Credibility: Findings Reliability:? Are the findings reliable?? How likely is it that the findings would be same if repeated? Objectivity:? Can the findings be objectively confirmed/verified? Validity:? Are the findings relevant for other contexts?? Are the findings transferable? Sources:? Are the findings based on (linked to) previously published research in peer reviewed journal articles? 8 Application -How would you apply the central message from this article to your professional or personal life? 4 -Paper Length: Minimum length requirement is 2 full pages, that is 600 words 2 Writing: -Spelling, Grammar, Paragraph Construction, Organization 6 Late Penalty Total Points Earned

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