Gmo Food Benefits

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THE BENEFITS OF GENETICALLY MODIEFIED FOOD GMO means genetically modified organisms, in this essay I will focus on genetically modified food and its benefits. Genetically modified food is genetically improved food which changes the crop or the plant to have something they don't have usually. For example it could make a crop have some nutrients the they didn't usually have or they you could make some the plant resistant to herbicides. People usually don't like the GMO because they think of it as chemicals and side effects. The genetically modified food helps the people through increase the economy, it also improves the environment and may be the health to the in habitants and the plants themselves. Mainly the economy of the country is affected[1]. for example the US it widely grows corn, but it is very vulnerable to a lot of pest and disease a lot of the corn may die of that[1]. With the help of the GMO plant could be resistant to the diseases [1]. Which will increase the amount of corn that specific country grows, which will in return increase the economy of the country [1]. also the farmer will not need herbicides or pesticides, so they would be saving some money [1]. Also it increases the economy of the country, because…show more content…
An example is genetically modified rice or the Golden rice. We know that rice is the staple food for most people in Asia or even in Africa, some people just eat food only. Millions of the children in places like the Philippines go blind of vitamin A deficiency thousands of others die of other disease, because lack of vitamin A cause the weakening of the immune system[4][2]. To solve this problem the genetic engineers took a gene from corn which provides vitamin A and from bacteria in the normal rice. Only one bowl of the golden rice provides 60% of the vitamin A needed in one day[4]. Again we see that the genetically modified food saving living
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