Gmo Foods Persuasive Essay

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There has been an increase in GMO foods on shelves over stores and supermarkets all over the world. Since 1994, GMO foods have been a major controversial issue between the people who support them and the benefits or the people who are against them and the negative ramifications. There have been much debate on what the FDA should do about the GMO foods. If they wanted to keep them they could cause much more sickness or if they wanted to get rid of them it would take many years to take all the GMO food off the shelves and produce GMO free food. Even though GMOs have good qualities and come in great quantities around the globe they also harbor a very negative effect, especially towards the human body. Firstly, GMO foods have been newly generated…show more content…
That is basically why they were created were to help benefit our body better than they normally would. Thanks to GMO the food has built a resistance to insects and the sickness the insects could be transporting which in terms could keep an outbreak of sickness at bay. They have a tolerance for herbicide so the plant is not effected when we try to maintain a healthy surrounding in order to ensure good nutrition and no possible toxins to humans. They also have a tolerance for hot weather, cold weather, and dry weather such as a drought so if climate change gets more severe our foods should be able to survive longer and still produce the food we need to survive. Lastly, the crops would be able to yield enough to support a large amount of people considering that Earth is starting to becoming overly populated. In conclusion, GMO foods are very dangerous. They should stop making GMOs so that we may live a longer healthier life. Getting rid of GMO food would also lower the rate of birth defects across the globe because it is to dangerous for a pregnant woman to eat GMO food without, in some way, harming the child. Scientists should discover a new way to make food more nutritious and last longer. Instead of making it to where there are more bad defects than good, we should leave it 100% normal and natural instead of messing with the

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