Gmo Labeling Persuasive Essay

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The labelling of genetically modified foods is seen as wholesome common sense, and it should be required to have the information on the back of every product. People have been manipulating the genetic makeup of plants for numerous generations using the process of traditional cross breeding. Genetically modified crops have been traded, grown and consumed around the world, including Australia since 1996. The progress and advancement in this field has impacted the way we view the deeper issues of this technology. While genetic engineering crop property has been gradually increasing, so have concerns, in that producing and eating genetically modified foods may pose unexpected environmental and health hazards. The disagreement for labelling comes…show more content…
Most genetic engineering is designed to meet the corporates rather than the consumer’s needs. However, more and more people are growing to believe that GMO products are being produced to be ‘counterfeit freshness’ and some believe that there is no real issue. But are people just being blinded by the science? In its place of providing individuals with beneficial information, obligatory GMO labels would only intensify the misconception that so called Franken foods endangers people’s health. Most major European retailers had to remove GM products from their shelves because they were worried that this kind of technology would drive people away. A label is not that important in the eyes of a farmer and manufacturer, simply because of the amount of customers they would get challenging the ‘naturalness’ of their products. But is there really any point in slapping a simple label on GM food to gratify a segment of the population involved. At the end of the day, manufacturers are deciding whether they will even continue to develop an enormously beneficial technology or avoid it based on unsubstantiated
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