Gmo Labeling Should Be Mandatory

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In 1935 a Russian scientist named Andrei Nikolaevitch Belozersky discovered a way to isolate pure DNA. As more and more scientists were developing ways to use DNA to make certain foods stronger and more of it the term GMO stood out. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms is a food that has been modified to fix a certain problem. Some people like the idea of GMOS but something else wise. I personally think that we have the right to know where our foods are coming from and think that labeling of GMOS should mandatory. The first reason that i think that labeling should mandatory is that we have the right to know. If we are going to spend money on a food i think we deserve to know where it comes from and how it is made. If you didn 't know where the food you are eating is coming from wouldn 't you be a little worried? If i was given the option of knowing where my food came from i would buy the product that tells me where it comes from and how it is made. Just a little label…show more content…
What are some pros of GMO’s? GMO’s make plants and organisms stronger and more healthy. The plants can be modified to last longer in worse climates and you can mass produce them. Mass producing food can help feed the starving and promote a better lifestyle. GMO’s also have a longer shelf life which lets them stay better longer. However, there are also cons to making GMO’s. One cons is that modified foods are making it into the consumer 's hands and they are not supposed to be consumed, but if we label them people will know and not buy them. Another con is some of the materials added are allergens to some people. when people consume foods that are their allergens it can be unsafe and dangerous. In conclusion, GMO’s are better for us but labeling of them needs to be mandatory. Mandatory labeling will help many people when it comes to shopping. When the buyer of your product is happy then you are happy because you are making money making others happy. GMO’s need to be labeled and it need to be
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