Gmo Negatives

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Love them or hate them, Gmo’s are extremely important to the survival of the 7 billion people that live on earth. Genetically Modified Organisms doesn 't sound like the most appealing thing to feed yourself and loved ones, but GMO’s do have their positives and negatives.“The big 6” pesticide and GMO corporations are BASF, Bayer, DuPont, Dow Chemical Company, Monsanto, Syngenta. They are also called the big 6 because they dominate the agricultural input market by owning the world’s seed, pesticide, and biotechnology industries. Regardless of what you hear on bias documents and videos concerning how bad GM foods are for your body and environment there are many positives. With an increasing global population widespread, world hunger is beginning…show more content…
Genes found In GM soy can be transferred into the DNA of bacteria that lives inside us. Insecticide produced by GM corn was found in the blood of pregnant woman and their unborn fetuses. Numerous health problems increases when GMO’s were introduced in 1996. Food allergies exploded, and disorders such as autism, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems. If GMO seed companies want everyone to believe that GMO’s are safe then why don 't they put a GMO label on all products that contain genetically modified organisms to let consumers know exactly what they are putting in their own and their family 's bodies. In my opinion GMO’s have both positives and negatives but I do not believe that the positives outweigh the damages that the negatives bring. GMO companies say that they can feed the world by using GMO’s but there is already enough food grown every year to feed every person in the world and some. If GMO 's are good for you then products containing GMOs should be labeled. GMO’s have both positive and negative attributes but it is the consumer 's decision on what they feel is safe to put in there bodies. GMO seed companies are extremely corrupt because they do not let anyone release study results on how GMO’s are harmful so that must mean that they are hiding something hoping no one finds out, but it 's just a matter of time until the complete truth is

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