Gmo's Can Never Be Safe Summary

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I am writing this letter in response to your recent article in Elite Daily regarding the safety of genetically modified organisms. The author. Amanda Jo, express her opposition to GMO’s, without authentic scientific evidence to back up the statements, by encouraging readers to avoid GMO’s because they killing us. Articles such this one that tell horrible myths about GMOs has resulted in people to fear genetically modified organisms without genuinely understanding what the are. In fact, when people hear the words “genetically modified” most people envision organisms that are harmful, instead of visualizing organisms that help improve our health and increase food production. Genetically modified organisms, also known as GMOs, are organisms…show more content…
This utilizes our fear of the unknown, resulting in us to trust their distortions of the truth. This portrayal of GMO’s has resulted in 52% of Americans to believe GMOs are unsafe and 13% to be unsure (abc News). In contrast to Miss Jo’s belief, the aspiration of GMO’s is to enhance our life, not impair it. This may be through creating medicines for diseases, increasing crop yield, producing food with higher nutritional value and much…show more content…
Golden rice has been genetically modified to contain an abundance of vitamin A and is often sent to countries where citizens struggle to receive proper nutrition (Golden Rice Project). This golden rice has helped save the 1.15 millions of children that die every year from vitamin A deficiency (Golden Rice Project). The reality is that food “being developed with direct genetic manipulation doesn’t make a plant good or bad”, it simply improves the existing plant
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