Gnarly In Pink Film Analysis

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Girls are pressured by society to be feminine and are thought of less in sports when compared to their male counterparts. The Op doc “ Gnarly In Pink” focuses on the idea that girls can be feminine and athletic at the same time, since there is a lack of girls in certain sports. The op doc is targeted towards Young girls and people who support the idea that girls can't be feminine and athletic at the same time. The op doc is based on a group of young girls who skate that are part of the “ Pink Helmet Posse.” Kristelle Laroche and Ben Mullinkosson, directors of Gnarly In Pink, support the argument that girls are able to be feminine and athletic at the same time through the use of an encouraging tone, statistics about girls regarding sports and…show more content…
In the film there is a segment where it is in slow motion, “ during this part of the film it shows the pink helmet posse skating in dresses with upbeat music playing in the background ” ( 4:33- 5:18). The young girls are depicted as effortless and glorious throughout this segment of the film, this causes the audience to admire the young girls skills. The young girls wearing dresses show the audience how they can still be feminine despite skating and demonstrates to young girls how they too can do the same thing as the pink helmet posse. Bella’s parents are being interviewed about their thoughts on the pink helmet posse,” Bella’s dad is saying how he can't believe that the pink helmet posse is able to accomplish the thing they do despite being girls.” (6:29-6:43). The girls prove the stereotype wrong in this segment, Bella's own father is astonished by their athletic ability. In this shot the girls can be seen with pink helmets and skateboards this demonstrates how the girls do not give up their femininity to be athletic but instead embrace it. The encouraging tone serves as a call to action to young girls to ignore the stereotype that girls can't be feminine and athletic at the same
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