Go Ahead Secret Seven Analysis

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The opportunity to express art is a child’s biggest obstacle to overcome (Althouse et al 2003). “Go Ahead Secret Seven” is a novel written by Enid Blyton. The Year 6 class will predict what will happen next in the novel in the style of Nick Parker animations. Their animation will cover areas including art, music and drama. Children will explore such areas to enhance their animation. The National Curriculum states that it wants children to ‘experiment’ with different kinds of art and design. Rayment (2007) argues that assessment within the arts can be challenging because children bring their own personal perspective and experience. The answer to assessment is not straightforward as there are factors including the type of activity and personal perspective. I want the class to have sketchbooks, Edwards (2013) says that ‘sketchbooks can be a vital source of assessment information’, because sketchbooks are personal thinking and development records. However, Croft et al (2001) say that the routine and structure of schooling can diminish imagination and many children do not regain the ability of being imaginative. The National Curriculum states that…show more content…
That is why I have given scope with the choice of materials. Children who have a range of materials to choose from can ‘conjure up ideas’ (Key and Stillman, 2009). They go on to say that to have an extensive range of materials is not always the answer, ‘children can be forced to act in more imaginative and purposeful ways’. Croft et al (2001) state that ‘young children have a natural ability for using their imagination’. They go on to say that a mental image is conjured up inside the head, it may not be real or realistic but it is a process of having a new idea that was not recently thought of. The National Curriculum declares that pupils should be taught to develop their techniques with
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