Go Ask Alice Book Report

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The book I read was “Go Ask Alice” by Beatrice Sparks. Some of the main characters in this book are Joel who is a freshmen at Alice 's dads university, he lost his dad at a young age, so he 's working as a janitor to play for his school and he 's in a relationship with Alice , Shelia is an older women who 's really into drugs, Chris who is also really into drugs and hangs out with Alice, Roger a boy Alice has a Crush on, Richie was Alice boyfriend during a time in college, and the main character Alice. Other character in the book are Alice 's parents her dad a college professor and her mother a house wife, Alice 's grandparents, Alice 's siblings, Babbie a drug addict, Beth Alice 's neighbor, Mr. Miller sells jewelary, Dr. Miller works at mental hospital, and many more characters. So, the…show more content…
Anyways Alice writes in a diary about all her problems, for example she writes about her fears, worries about a lot of things especially about her crush Roger and her weight that she has gain, she also talks about she uncomfortable a lot, so she 's depressed. The story really starts when Alice 's dad a college professor accepts a job somewhere else so her whole family has to move to a different area. Moving to a new wasn 't such a bad idea for Alice and her family since they get a fresh start, which makes Alice happy. Once, Alice moved to a new town she acually found it difficult because she has to go to a new school and it was hard for her to meet new people. The first person Alice meet was obviously her new neighbor who is Beth. Beth and Alice soon became good friends, but as soon as that happen Beth left for summer camp and Alice left to live with her grandparents. Alice 's grandparents live where Alice used to live, so she reunited with some of her old friends like Jill. Jill later on has party in which she invites Alice to and that 's
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