Go Ask Alice Diary

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Have you ever kept a diary to tell all your deep dark secrets that no one else could know? Well the book, Go Ask Alice, has a young girl who does just that. But, not only for her secrets. She needed the diary to help her tell what was happening in her life, helped her be able to communicate her feelings, and by the end of the book Alice is finding she doesn 't need the diary. The role of the diary is very known and key in this book, I 'll tell you why. Young girls who keep a diary you 'd think write about the boys they like and the girls at school and the young drama that they think is life ending at the time. But Alice on the other hand wrote about her struggles, pain and what she was doing that was so wrong in her mind. She told the diary everything that happened usually on a daily basis. When Alice did drugs for the first time she didn 't tell a friend or her parents she told her diary. Alice relied heavily upon the diary to be her "friend" so to say and to be able to write down what was happening to her and…show more content…
After writing in a diary for over a year, Alice decides that the diary is unnecessary now. She has been able to become a communicator, and be able to tell her parents and friends and family what was going on and able to find help. She felt strong enough to be able to do it on her own without the diary. She had a confidence in herself that wasn 't there before. Alice was able to talk to people finally and get help. She had grown as a person in a way and was becoming her own person. Until the end. Go Ask Alice, is a thrilling story of a young girls roller coaster ride of a life with drugs and boys and struggles. She kept a diary threw out the time to tell her stories, the diary helped her communicate, and by the end she finds the diary is unnecessary for her. You will see Alice go on highs and lows three the book but one constant you always see is the way she tells the diary all that she can 't tell others till the end when she grows a confidence in
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