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If you are given the chance to go back to the Middle Ages.... Will you go back or will you stay here in the present time? What can be the differences if you choose to go back? Let me give you information about how Middle Ages differ with the present times.

The Middle Ages also known as the dark ages was centered to the faith of the people and their religion. They believe that their life and living on the planet Earth is a preparation for their religion. Unlike today, people spend most of their time in schools, home, malls, etc. Although some people are religious in many aspects like going to the church, some are non-believers to God and the afterlife and spend most of their time solving their problems without religion, these people are also
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Women were expected to obey their husbands. In other terms, men are the authorities in their houses. And if men are the authorities, it is pretty obvious that they are also the one who makes the rules in their houses while women were only tasked to take care of the house and their children.

Now let 's go to the present day system in terms of gender. Women now have the rights to state their opinions which involves family decisions. Women are free to choose what they want to do as long as no laws from the government is broken. And finally, women also have their rights to work for their family especially those who are single moms.

Another hot topic in this discussion is woman doesn 't have the opportunity to be well educated unlike men. But women in higher classes can learn music and poetry. Today, men and women have equal opportunities in having a proper education.

For short, women back then were suppresed in all aspects. And do not have the voice to fight for themselves and their rights.

Do these informations cleared your mind about Middle Ages and their differences to the present time? What ever you choose, whether you go back or stay is for you to decide. But for me contended with this time that I 'm living in is what I know. Being loved by the family and friends who surrounds us. And having equal rights for all
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