Eun Byul Character Analysis

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The story about twin brothers, one adopted by a wealthy family in the city of Seoul named Go Eun Byul, and his sister remained orphans TongYeon area named Lee Eun Bi. Although they are twins, they have a different character, Eun Byul hard character, brave, smart and angry, while Eun Bi Well, Polite, and because of the situation that only orphans makes it weak.
Eun Bi often become victims of bullying in high school just because she wanted to help her classmates who bully kean, consequently he who became the target bullyan, a student who loves to membulynya named Kang So Young from a wealthy family whose father was a prosecutor.
Long story short because it does not hold Eun Bi to kill himself, but helped her twin sister Eun Byul who figure out where his twin sister were. When I came Eun Bi does not remember who he was, making Eun Byul think to switch places while, in order to get a twin sister adoptive mother love of the good and love of good friends.
Eun Byul Eun Bi was calculated by Ms. Eun Byul and take him to Seoul, his friends are also surprised by a change in attitude Eun Byul but they understand because Eun Bi / Eun Byul memory loss.
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Han Yi An addition there is one more child who often throw tantrums to the attention of his father named Gong Tae Kwang Sekang high school director of the school where he was, but nobody knows. When loss of memory, everything is fine, Eun Bi so Eun Byul feel a lot of love from his mother and his friends. Until his memory returned, and everything becomes so much fun, he wants to return to the orphanage Ms. Eun Byul Tongyeon but can not, he felt lost Eun Byul reported that Eun Bi committed suicide, and both thought dead Eun
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