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As I have challenged myself throughout my high school career, I have gained new passions and goals. Taking higher-level classes such as AP and running start, I have prepared myself for the fast pace of college. Along with this, I’ve become involved in clubs that have allowed me to experience numerous volunteer opportunities. I am currently involved with Go Green club, National Honors Society, Federal Credit Union Board, and Leos club. In each extracurricular we focus on giving back to our community. Initially, I was hesitant to join clubs as I was anti-social but now am thankful as I have stepped outside of my comfort zone. From these experiences, I have discovered a passion for helping others as well as reducing waste. As of this year, I joined Go Green club as a part of my AP biology class. Recycling is widely talked about however it never had as big of an impact on me. In Go Green club, students regularly collect recyclables that the teachers may save. Along with this experience, I have also done a research project on…show more content…
From this experience I have volunteered for beach clean ups, a school planned movie night, and helping out a track meet for younger children. From these experiences, I have gained a stronger passion for helping others. I feel it is important for people to give back and help others. These simple acts strengthen your character as well as brighten your day. In the future, I hope to continue to make a difference in my island communities by participating in local events and community service to promote my beliefs. In the near future, community service will be widespread as residents become active locally. From my experiences and lessons learned, community service is a valuable act and should be promoted as such. Without volunteers, many would suffer however, the aloha spirit has kept our island communities

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