Go Set A Watchman Character Analysis

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Go Set a Watchman is a novel written by Harper Lee depicting the ideological conflict that the protagonist, Jean Louise Finch, encounters after coming back to her hometown Maycomb. This written task is an interview conducted a day after Jean Louise witnessed her father Atticus and her friend and potential love interest Hank attending the Maycomb City Council meeting. The intended audience is the fans of the novel who are interested in Jean Louise’s reaction to the shocking reveal of Atticus and Hank’s racist beliefs.
Throughout this interview, I intended to fully express Jean Louise’s emotion after finding out her loved ones are in fact racists. I chose to do so in the form of an interview because depending on the questions asked by the interviewer, the character, Jean Louise Finch, can fully reveal her current state of mind. In order to effectively portray Jean Louise’s shock, I tried to ask questions that show her disgust towards the racists and hypocrites.
This task also aimed to outline Jean Louise’s confusion about her relationships with people around her. I attempted this by emphasizing her respect for Atticus and the romantic relationship with Hank, which intends to give a stark contrast between her previous fond relationships with her loved ones and the uncertainty she now feels towards them. I also expressed her unwillingness to stay in Maycomb to further highlight her disappointment and anger towards her hometown. Finally, I imitated her language through syntax,
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