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This book enlightens the audience on reverting to a lifestyle much like our ancestors to alter our state of health. My thoughts about health and lifestyle have a positive meaning after reading the book. Our bodies are intricate systems that work as a balance and if something is wrong the whole system crashes and results in disease. Sleep is imperative to a healthy lifestyle affecting heart, weight, and mind. When we lack sleep, our cognition decreases causing error in judgement. The food that we invite into our bodies allow nutrients to provide us with energy as well as stronger bones and muscles. Nutrients also aid in the regulation of bodily processes, like blood pressure and digestion. Book Mid-summer, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with hypertension, obesity and borderline hyperlipidemia. Last month, I decided it was time to make some life changes in relation to my health. I chose Go Wild by John J. Ratey, MD and Richard Manning because it caught my eye primarily with bright coloring on the cover. I then proceeded to see the words “eat fat” and it caught my interest thinking, “how could eating fat be healthy”? I thought this book could possibly alter my non-healthy lifestyle for the better of myself and my family.…show more content…
For every two hours that our brains are learning daily, it needs an hour of sleep to comprehend its meaning. Stickgold states, if you don’t sleep, you die (Ratey & Manning, 2004, p.126 ). This statement had a great impact on my thoughts of sleep and death being the result. Sleep is necessary for bodily function, learning absorption, and cognition for daily living and safety. Eight and a half hours per night every twenty-four hours is recommended otherwise the person is not sleeping enough. Personally, I have felt the effects of lack of sleep allowing only four hours of sleep before a 12-hour shift such as a headache, lack of concentration, and

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