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A long lifespan expectancy have modern people believe that health and the way people live today is much healthier than in the past. Humans have not changed much biologically from early man, but the way of life has changed drastically. I have chosen to read Go Wild by John J. Ratey, MD and Richard Manning, because I am interested in learning how a person can reach a higher level of health naturally and biologically.
Go Wild This book provides an elaborate and detailed explanation of how ancient people used to live and how with the emergence of agriculture and farming, modern people’s diets and lifestyles have changed. Beside the information provided, the authors, Ratey and Manning, also connect with readers and those that are trying to improve
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According to Ratey and Manning, lack of sleep can make a person “fat, sick and stupid” (2014). There were studies done on college students that made some students sleep deprived, by them sleeping four hours each night, causing them to be less alert and crave foods higher in carbs, and have less energy, causing a mix to cause extra weight gain. Sleep has also been affected by the use of artificial light, that has only been available to humans in the last century, yet it has also been deemed a factor in the sleep depravity that modern people suffer. Our ancestors had their circadian rhythms synced with the sun’s light, which helped them develop a routine schedule for sleep and kept it consistent for the ancient people. However, the advantage that most people in developed countries have versus our ancestors, is that we no longer sleep with the fear that a wild animal will suddenly come and attack us, providing a feeling of safety for people while they sleep today. In the last year, my sleeping pattern has varied greatly and at times I will get interrupted sleep or only 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep and it has affected my health by diminishing my thought process and mood. This chapter, five, has helped me comprehend further why sleep is important and how I can further plan to get an adequate amount of
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