Goals And Objectives Of SAP S4 HANA Accounting System In Financial Management

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2 Goals and Objectives

2.1 Operational Goals and Objectives

The aim of SAP S4 HANA Finance is to upgrade the system to the latest technology and pave the way for future development. Financial upgraded integrated system makes the University of Helsinki pioneering and offers users a new operating system independent financial management and scalable solution for connecting UI5 OPERATION time.
The mobile platform enables modern and user-friendly basis for workflow-solutions, such as, for example, approval procedures.

Based on the ISO 20022 standard, and XML-statement- the fee will be refunded to latest data format (CAMT053 / 054) that allows the introduction of comprehensive information content and the automation of payment processes.

The development of financial management processes (jaksotustyökalu, toistuvaistositteet, automaattikirjaussäännöt ym.) helps the financial professionals to reduce manual work and provides the creation and management of advanced user interface processes.

The architectural simplification allows more comprehensive reporting based on SAP S / 4 HANA Finance embeddedBW version via Fiori and standard content. The most significant change is based on the new architecture in one central data source for financial reporting basis (Universal Journal), the use of SAP HANA S4 Finance is standard in reporting, SAP BW data source, as well as third-party reporting tools in a data source.

Introduction of SAP Solution Manager into the system 's life cycle

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