Goals And Reflection: Missions In The Old Testament

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Reflection: Missions in the Old Testament

When God calls His people to be part of his kingdom, he always gives us a purpose or a mission. Most of Gods people in the Old Testament are given a mission; there is always a commission. God always has a great plan to save the world, to initiate this plan; he needs to use us as instruments to reach out to others. (Isa. 45:22). Old testament is filled with people with missions like Adam, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and others had their mission to fulfill. Mission is not just about more going to a place, sending someone. Mission is primarily about being special person with a special message that needs to be reached to those who are broken.
Here are some themes and examples of Missions in the Old Testament

Abraham is called the father of faith, but his faith was needed because of the mission he had in hand. Faith plays a very important role for people who are in missions. In the life of Abraham, faith was very essential because the carrying out of his mission was often
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As we know Jonah was commanded to go and preach to the Ninevites, Israel's worst enemies, so that they’ll be saved from destruction. But it almost seems like Jonah wanted to see the Ninevites destroyed, but God was compassionate towards them when they repented. The book ends with a theme that Salvation can be given to anyone who accepts God and repents. We should understand that God is not just a Creator but he is still creating and everyone in this world is part of his creation and they play their own unique role in the kingdom of God. Johannes Verkuyl says "If a person draws his lifeblood from the one greater than Jonah and yet declines to spread the Good News among others, he in effect is sabotaging the aims of God himself. Jonah is father to all those Christians who desire the benefits and blessings of election but refuse its

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