Goals Of Multimodal Therapy

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Individuls in the world are all different and unique, meaning that the problems that they face maybe the same in terms of content but how people interpret and deal with the situation is totally different to how another individual would deal with the problem. Not only are people different but when a problem has occurred the affected area is not just the individuals behavior or the Individuals cognitive functioning, there are many areas that are affected. Multimodal therapy by Arnold Lazarus emphasized the above information about individuals being unique and problems not only affecting one area. This seminar will be discuss multimodal therapy. it will be divided into two sections, the first section will be discussing the theory component of multimodal…show more content…
The goal of multimodal therapy when it deals with behaviour is to firstly modifying behaviour in a manner that is appropriate and positive so that the individual can function well. The other goal is to also then find effective methods that will make the client set realist goals for future behaviours. In affect the goal of this therapy is to help the client recognize their feelings and to also feel those feelings, because it is essential to know how you are feeling in order for the client to know how to deal with the situation in a more appropriate manner that will be beneficial to the client and their growth. This will also help with being able to identify negative feelings and being able to know how to change those and make them positive feelings An example of an imagery goal is having the client see or picture themselves not engaging in a certain behaviour that is not positive and leads them to feel certain emotions (Sharf,…show more content…
The main function of the therapist here is to ensure that they are well equipped with the knowledge of these different techniques, and how they are applied. This means that the therapist needs to have technical eclecticism. The therapist also needs to have the skills to deal with the different modalities and to apply the different techniques to the right modalities. c. Roles The role of the therapist according to Arnold Lazarus is to be an authentic chameleon which he describes as a therapist who works and does things for the interest of the client but at the same time he gives the client what he wants. An authentic chameleon also allows for feedback from the client, this means that when the client isn’t happy with the therapists delivers of work they should tell the therapist. 8. Therapeutic process Multimodal therapy as mentioned above focuses on multiple modalities, this means that there is no fixed structure of how the therapy is supposed to go or that gives a guideline for the therapist. The therapist and the client need to work together to determine which of the multiple modalities need attention

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