Goals Of My American Dream

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The "American Dream" is an ideal concept of a beautiful life here in America, it includes having Equality, Liberty, Rights, etc. The American Dream is pictured as a "Life that should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to their ability or achievement" by James Truslow Adams. The American Dream is an chance for Americans/aliens to accomplish a opulent or abundant life through hard work. My American Dream is mainly the same as the definitions on the Internet, it includes working hard at what I do and striving to be the best I can be to inspire others to do the same. It involves finding the woman I love, building a family with her and having a happy, healthy and admiring life at home. My American Dream is also making my own company regardless to what it's based off of and maybe building my own house. I want to work hard and get what I deserve, I want to be rich in happiness and I want to be rich in knowledge.…show more content…
My father constructed his own company off of hard work and a consistent positive attitude. We've recently built a new house and we are currently living in it now. Overall, my American Dream isn't too complex. I have basic goals to achieve here in America and I am planning on accomplishing them. As I grow up, my ideal concepts of my American Dream will evolve into something bigger or different. One thing I do know is that my goal to be successful at what I do will never change, it will only grow
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