Benefit Of University Education Essay

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Education is vital tool used in contemporary world to succeed. University education is used to mitigate the challenges faced in life. The knowledge that is attained through university education helps in getting opportunities in life. Education starts from elementary level till bachelor’s degree which further stretches to masters and doctrine (Education Corner, 2017). The aim of university education is to help graduates get jobs besides other benefits because it renders profound benefits as it aid higher earning potential, job opportunities and job stability (Yehuda, 2016).
University education ensures higher earning potential. One of the significant and distinct benefits of college and cause to earn a college degree or advanced degree (Master’s, PhD) is to increase the earning potential (Beckstead, 2017). The ultimate goal of university education is to get employment which pay higher amount
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University education leads to greater job stability in terms of depression, the unemployment rate among college graduates is substantially lesser than the unemployment ratio among employees with only a high school diploma (Yehuda, 2016). According to ‘‘U.S. News & World Report (n.d) some of the jobs with the finest job security during a recession include registered nursing, public school teacher, college professor, accountant, federal judge, doctor and air traffic controller which require a college degree’’. University graduates enjoy additional benefits such as higher income, advancement opportunities and advancement opportunities which leads individual to live quality of life and enhanced job satisfaction as compare to who do not go for university education (Hussang, 2017). Education Corner (2017) states that during the time of economy recession individuals who suffers from job cuts are lower level employees who have high school diploma, where as individuals having college degree will enjoy long term
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