Goals To Achieve My Goals

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Deciding what goals I wanted to do was easy. The hard part is actually accomplishing them. It takes a lot someone to set a goal and actually try multiple things to set it. I’ve created a method for myself to achieve my goals. It’s not easy achieving goals it actually a trial and error. When I don’t succeed I won’t give up instead I will stand up and try again. The three goals are going to benefit me and once I accomplish them I will be the person I want to be. The way I see it is if I try hard and achieve my goal then it will bring me happiness and determination to make more goals.
My 30 day goal I will accomplish is getting A and Bs. I’m going raise my standards and have As and Bs only. Some people might say it’s impossible but as The lovely Audrey Hepburn said before “ Nothing is Impossible the word itself says I’m possible”. This is a quote that I live by everyday and even though getting A’s and B’s will be hard I will achieve my goal and show everyone that with dedication and determination they can achieve their goals. Getting A’s and B’s will better me because that will raise my mood and make my parents proud. I feel like when I set a goal and I achieve it I always want to work harder and do better. Getting the grades I desire will make me want to aim for Straight A’s. A way that I will attain my goal will be by first off eat a healthy breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will help me stay focus in school and with a healthy breakfast paying attention and grasping
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