Goals To Become A Nurse Practitioner

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Being very goal orientated I have many goals for my future nursing career. One specific short term goal would be having the honor to get accepted into the one school I have always dreamed of attending, Allen College, to earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. Once I am accepted to a nursing program a goal I feel very strongly about is continuing to keep my grade point average at a 3.8 or higher level. I plan to accomplish this goal by completely applying myself and my time to my program, only letting my dedication for nursing continue to grow, and getting as involved as possible in my school and my learning. Most importantly, my short term goal is to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and get a job at The University of Iowa…show more content…
Taking my time to shadow a Nurse Practitioner only increased my drive and passion to achieve my short term terms goals that will help me achieve my long term goal of becoming a Nurse…show more content…
I believe my experience working as a registered nurse for a few years before pursuing my Nurse Practitioner will allow me to experience bedside nursing and only help me become a better caregiver to my patients. With my Nurse Practitioner Degree, I plan to specialize in OBGYN, helping women of all ages, expecting mothers, and those who may need help conceiving. Lastly, another long term goal I plan to obtain is to constantly have a positive affect on my patients lives, despite where I am at in my nursing career. I plan to achieve this goal by never allowing myself to stop learning about the nursing profession so I can provide the best care possible and always allowing my passion for enriching lives of others to shine through on each patient of mine, regardless of the circumstances. Overall, I feel my strong desire for success and endless amount of ambition will help me achieve my short and long term goals in my future of becoming a

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