Goals Versus Reality Of Life In Alison Moore's 'Eastmouth'

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“Eastmouth” is a short story written by Alison Moore, where goals versus reality of life are the characteristics of the story. To accomplish dreams and goals in real life can be difficult, as your certain circumstances of life can change and become a serious challenge when it comes to pursuing life goals. It’s very common that most likely young people are dealing with these kind of issues, because of their desire of exploring, which is also in this case what the main character of the short story is going through.

Alison Moore writes in a limited third person narrator, as the narrator’s focus is mainly on the main character, Sonia. We follow the events from her perspective “She stands in the slabs on the promenade” (l.1). The narrator also has an unlimited knowledge when it comes to the protagonist, as she has an unrestricted access to her thoughts and feelings “He says this, thinks Sonia” (l.8). The story is structured in one central event, which is their visit to Peter’s parents. The story can be divided in three sequences. First, Sonia feels pressured to go home with Peter, and later in the second sequence the climax happens when she finds out she’s pregnant. The last sequence is when she leaves Peter and his parents behind. The beginning of the story starts in a middle of an event where the protagonist is on the beach in Eastmouth with Peter (her boyfriend), which is in media res. How the narrator describes the atmosphere gives the readers an insight of the characters.
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