Gobabygo Case Study

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GOBabyGo program is targeted for children having disabilities at young age. One solution for these children may be a electric wheel chair, but wheel chairs may not be feasible for these little children. One problem is more that the cost of these wheel chairs may be in the range of thousands of dollars. Under the GoBabyGo program people gather material of worth 100 dollars for example the PVC pipe, industrial Velcro, nuts, bolts, activation button and toggle switch. People spend about one hour in modifying the car. Due to this activity the children become able to move and interact with their friends. These cars have enough capabilities to move according to the will of children. The disabled children become independent in their daily lives due…show more content…
The Center for Innovation in Medical Profession at Cleveland State University started a process to develop these low cost cars for infants with mobility impairments. The independent mobility has a positive effect on emotional, language and cognitive development [3]. There are different organizations at undergraduate level in different universities which work for GoBabyGo Program. In these organizations students participate actively. Many social workers take interest and participate by funding. People who are passionate for research can take part in these organizations and groom their research activities. These Organizations usually held regular activites to engage people in to cars development. An industry can be established for toy cars which may led to more sophisticated toy cars. As the competition grows the prices of these cars may reduce more. Currently these cars are not brought to industrial level, these cars are built…show more content…
It is providing them independence for mobility at early ages which is necessary for their cognitive development. All the people are not rich enough to afford costly wheel chairs and these wheel chairs are bulkier also, so toy cars are good and reliable alternative. It provide children enough opportunity to grow like normal children. The students who are interested in research can also grrom their research skills by actively participating in workshops This activity is a very good example of social welfare it is rising the social awareness among people. It is a very good example of courtesy, References 1. "GoBabyGo! | University of Delaware." GoBabyGo! | University of Delaware. Web. 31 Jan. 2016. 2. "Go Baby Go - The Ultimate Toy Hack - Cerebral Palsy Foundation." Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Web. 31 Jan. 2016. 3. "GoBabyGo at CSU." GoBabyGo at CSU. Web. 31 Jan.
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