Bloody Belly Comb Jelly Characteristics

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While nature has bestowed us with beautiful wildlife and a multitude of bizarre, beautiful yet terrestrial and aerial species, it has not boycotted the aquatic fauna too. From scary to intriguingly beautiful, here’s a list of ten amazing organisms inhabiting the dark depths of seas and oceans.

1. Sparkling enope squid (firefly squid)
Found in the waters of the West Pacific Ocean, most famously aggregating in masses to spawn off the coast of Japan during spring, the firefly squid grows no longer than three inches in length and is attributed for one of the most beautiful visual displays ever seen. It is covered with thousands of photophores that are light-emitting organs and can blink
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They possess a jelly-like body and can grow up to 15cm. the tongue twister nomenclature is coined this peculiar variant of the jellyfish family, due to the fact that they usually are found in deep red colors, sometimes also in purple. Quite on the contrary of the thinking that its bright red color will make it an easily visible prey, the organism is masked in the water by this same deep red color. The beautiful creature has no stinging tentacles and possesses numerous tiny hair-like cilia on their body, which continuously beat back and forth thus propelling the organism in the direction of…show more content…
They are found at a depth of 1500 meters inhabiting the Pacific Ocean. The frilled sharks can grow up to a size of 5 feet, and have sharp teeth remarkably in 25 different rows! This strange large mouth is entirely different from that of the other members of a shark family. Frilled sharks have the ability to bend their body when about to catch their prey. Many researchers insist that look like a snake at the time of predation.

9. Barreleye fish
This is a type of transparent-headed fish, inhabiting the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans at a depth of 1100 meters. The telescoping eyes in the transparent barrel-shaped head, secludes it totally from other fishes. These highly sensitive eyes can sense predators easily. The transparent head and tubular eyes help them detect any incident light inside the deep ocean. Barreleye fishes attain up to a maximum size of 6 inches and prefer to remain stationary within the water and feed on jellies.

10. Dumbo

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