God Bless America Analysis

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Is God Bless America An Offensive Song?
A Review of the Literature
The article, “Major League Baseball must permanently retire ‘God Bless America,’ a song that offends everyone”, by Gersh Kuntzman seeks to address how a particular religious song and professional baseball interact negatively. The argument discusses inappropriateness of “God Bless America” being played at baseball games and how it offends people everywhere.
In order to create a strong, well-rounded argument, there are several components that go into a writer’s piece, such as tone, logic and evidence. Kuntzman’s article is weak because of lack of evidence, immaterial logic and ill-mannered tone.
Kuntzman’s weakest point in this article is his usage of such arrogant tone in his
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This article is flawed with comparisons that either do not pertain to the article or otherwise do not make sense. For example, he states, “Unlike “God Bless America,” the better seventh-inning song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” captures the essential joy of American life”. This comparison is purely opinionated. He states his personal belief that “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is a better song than “God Bless America”. According to the title of his article, the article should be focused on why God Bless America is an inappropriate song to play, not comparing a different song that he likes better. Furthermore, this comparison is almost completely inaccurate because both songs include great lyrics that do, in fact, depict American life. Once again just to reiterate Kuntzmans’ words, “the song still embodies great things about America, but also our worst things: self-righteousness, forced piety, earnest self-reverence, foam”. While Kuntzman’s article may support this quote by following up with quotes from others depicting American’s as people who portray these traits, Kuntzman’s article is actually the best example of these forementioned traits, as I explained in the analysis of his
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