God Bless America Informative Speech

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“God Bless America” the song appeared in baseball everywhere to honor all troops fighting their lives for us to play the game America loves, which lets America have Freedom such as Religion, Patriotism, and Sports(Butterworth). The history of baseball includes important details and I will love explaining this story and getting into detail. Not only will I love explaining this story I picked this topic because I’m as sure about it. I practice baseball my whole life so I will not just enjoy acknowledge on this and I know plenty of these details also I will be learning details I do not know about which will help me out since i 'm a huge baseball player/fan.

Referring back to my intro i 'm going to explain the details of baseball from the past
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The members of Washington, DC strictly split apart many controversies of race and reformation(Swanson). “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” was a highly loved special song/phrase in baseball because it carried special meaning for Cubs Loyalists, not only was it used to celebrate the great game of baseball but it 's also to honor the memory of the beloved broadcaster Harry Caray (Butterworth). Baseball may of been just a sport, but American citizens still honored the soldiers that fought for them to play baseball and they honored them by holding up American flags and singing the National Anthem before every game(Butterworth). “Ritual is an important command by a social order which has the right to establish it, which therefore social order had the power to maintain, create, and adopt it”(Butterworth). Blacks and Whites always fought about playing baseball together and the laws, there was and how many restrictions there were to be able to play…show more content…
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