God Bless The Usa Analysis

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The song chosen for this paper is “God bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. For the researcher, the song holds different kinds of significance owing to which the researcher has chosen this song as the topic for this paper. People residing in America, irrespective of where they are from, have started to believe in this song and have accepted the fact that America is a place that has provided them with the kind of freedom they have always wanted. The thesis statement of the paper is to understand what the song “God bless the USA” means for the Americans. Discussion Literary Elements of Song “God bless the USA” was a song written by Lee Greenwood. Initially, when Greenwood started to pen down the song, there were various issues going on with him. However, the incident that inspired him to pen down the song was that he felt patriot. He points to his father who was in Navy during WW2, and his step-father was part of the Air Force. For Greenwood, the recognition of the sacrifice that the military had done and been doing for years was of significance in every way. As he started to pen down the words, he eventually decided that the song would not be…show more content…
The Americans believe that America has provided them the freedom and equality to do what they believe is right and they do not feel pressurized in any way. Furthermore, the Americans also acknowledge the sacrifices that their military has done for them and are still doing. It is because of the military that the Americans have got the right to live and have freedom to do what they like. In a way, for the Americans the song is extremely close to heart as it was re-released every time a calamity struck America. This can be one of the several reasons that Americans have started to accept this particular song as their national anthem rather than their actual national anthem, words of which many of Americans do not even
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