God By Paul Young Analysis

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To some there is no God, to some there is a Godly figure, and to others there is a God as powerful as no other. =) Within Paul Young’s novel, Mack is a middle-aged man who encounters manifestations of the Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit in three different people he meets as he is trying to find his daughter that was kidnapped. Young illustrates Mack trying to discover the identity of the Holy Trinity in each person as well as trying to find the truth about is daughters kidnapping/killing. While trying to find Missy, Mack starts to question if Gods identity is good or bad.
The Shack perfectly illustrates how God is not only found in church or Heaven, but God can be found in people who do generous acts of kindness,
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With Mack loosing Missy, and meeting the Holy Trinity he receives punitive feelings towards God. After loosing Missy, Mack thought this was Gods, reprising- redress – revenge for not teaching Missy to stick up for herself. With blaming himself he was letting the devil into the spot where God is supposed to be. Mack conflictingly thought Missy’s death was meant to be after talking to the Holy Trinity: “ Everything happens for a reason… God always has a plan” (Young 146). With having conflicting thoughts, Mack’s faith came through and pulled him to believe that Gods love is as strong as no other. When Mack started believing that God took his daughter because he had a plan to make him grow as a stronger person; the devil started to leave Mack and God started to come back into his life.
In the novel The Shack, Young demonstrates a middle age father who finds the identity of the holy Trinity in powerful people in his life; discover the truth about the murder of his daughter, and questions his faith in God. Everyone goes through an identity crises, but it takes a strong person to pull through and have the identity that they want, not what others
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