God Grew Tired Of Us Analysis

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Disparity in the Dream
“Americans have so far put up with inequality because they felt they could change their status. They didn't mind others being rich, as long as they had a path to move up as well. The American Dream is all about social mobility in a sense - the idea that anyone can make it” (Fareed Zakaria). The American Dream, to many Americans, is the notion of going from thousandaire to millionaire. It is the notion of that house with a green lawn and a white picket fence with a family and a dog. But to many in third world countries like Africa, the dream is merely freedom, opportunity and hope. In Sudan, wars ripped through the state, leaving millions dead and generations shredded in its devastating wake. The documentary film God Grew Tired of Us follows the journeys of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan and the few that were able to migrate to the United
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After the end of British colonization in Sudan, both North and South Sudan were hastily put together. Beginning in the 1980s, Sudan entered a brutal war that ripped apart their homeland and displaced many of its citizens. Some of them are the group known as the “Lost Boys”. Traveling for a span of over five years, they trekked thousands of miles in search of safety. First traveling to Ethiopia, but after their government topples, they flee to Kenya. Thousands die from starvation, murder, and dehydration. The Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya is set up to provide a home for them that provides security, food and education. Some, like the film’s main characters, are chosen to go to America and to start a new life. They are quickly thrust into the vastly different, workaholic conditions of America. It provides some light hearted humor, but it is a stark reminder of the huge cultural barrier and challenges they
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