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I chose the goddess Artemis (in Greek mythology), also known as Diana (in Roman mythology). While I tried to research this topic on Artemis, I have found many websites with lots of great information. And I found one book called Myths of the Greeks and Romans by Michael Grant. My goal for this paper is to try and inform you more about the great Artemis/Diana.

Artemis was born to the parents of Zeus and Leto. Zeus cheated on his wife Hera with Leto and that’s how she was born, with a twin brother named Apollo (Artemis). She was born in the island Ortygia, where her mother was being hunted by Hera (Artemis). Artemis also helped her mother give birth to Apollo (Artemis). Artemis asked her dad to give her eternal chastity and virginity and devoted herself to hunting and nature (Artemis). She is the protector of nature,
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She has a very interesting life of hunting and saving people. She is very kind and devoted her life to being a virgin. She is very beautiful do her life must be kind of hard. Artemis is also one of the twelve Olympians along her brother Apollo. I hope my paper brought you to learn more about Artemis. And to watch the movie Wonder Woman!

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