Tripura Sundari: The Goddesses In Hindu Mythology

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The goddesses in the Hindu mythology are seen as immensely beautiful forms who are also the epitome of serenity. They are considered the divine feminine form. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous goddesses who are not serene. There are those who are peaceful but there are also the angry ones. The one thing that stands common for all of them is their origin from ‘Sakti.’ It is the purest and ultimate form of power. Also, each of them has some teaching for us that can push us to break our own comfort zone and reach for something better.
Philosophies of the Hindu form of life are practiced through the different rituals. However, the lesser known fact is that the philosophies are also well-hidden in the different forms
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She teaches that through knowledge we can slowly do away with our ignorance that will help us in reaching self-actualization.
Known as the goddess of death, teaches us the lesson that life is ever transitory. The killing is symbolic. She teaches us to kill the desire of the physical world to bring mental peace. It is going from one form to another.
Tripura Sundari
She is worshipped as a goddess who can be considered as the Aphrodite of the Indian mythology. She is a true beauty but she is also one of the angry goddesses of India. The anger comes from the notion of human to attach beauty only with a certain form. She teaches the art of seeing beauty in everything around us and attaining happiness through the same.
Yes, river Ganga is also a form of goddess. Her existence is felt all over India and for betterment. She teaches that we should leave our mark everywhere we go and give something good for people to remember us.
Her image is gory with a garland of human skull around her neck and no head on her shoulder. The chopped off head teaches us that we should never limit ourselves only to mind. It is a movement that also includes the aspect of heart in the picture and prepares a person for attaining
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