Goddesses In Hindu Mythology

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The goddesses in the Hindu mythology are seen as immensely beautiful forms who are also the epitome of serenity. They are considered the divine feminine form. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous goddesses who are not serene. There are those who are peaceful but there are also the angry ones. The one thing that stands common for all of them is their origin from ‘Sakti.’ It is the purest and ultimate form of power. Also, each of them has some teaching for us that can push us to break our own comfort zone and reach for something better. Philosophies of the Hindu form of life are practiced through the different rituals. However, the lesser known fact is that the philosophies are also well-hidden in the different forms of goddess we worship. At first glance, they are forms who are bestowed with supreme power whom we worship to fulfill our certain desires. However, if we are willing to travel beyond obvious, then the goddesses are powerhouse for teachings. Each holds a hidden piece of wisdom. The wisdom prepares us for true transformation and liberation. Shilaputri She is one of the goddesses who is worshiped on the first day of Navratri. She is the daughter of mountain who is considered the first form of Sakti. Sati and Durga are rebirth of the same form of Sakti. The actual form of Mother Nature is fierce in her power yet she teaches us to be patient. She is the higher form of power within us and through the rituals we get attuned with self. This is

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