Godfather Death Character Analysis

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Certain stories portray the main character as the epitome of complaisant behavior causing the audience to learn what types of consequences come along with it. The selfish acts of the protagonist in, Godfather Death, makes the protagonist in, A&P, seem like a love sick little boy. The protagonists in each story love their families and care for others not knowing that it will damage them in the long run, but their different acts of selfishness, lack of self-control and the inability to say no, ultimately represents the doctor as the worst out of the two.
The doctor in, Godfather Death, is selfish and felt as though he could cheat death. When the doctor came to Godfather Death to save his kids, the doctor had good intentions, but when Death gave him the power to become a very successful doctor, the doctor’s selfishness came into play. The Godfather’s words to the doctor were “…if you see me standing by the sick person’s feet, then he is mine.” (Grimm 13). All the doctor had to do was give some of the sickest patients to his godfather and in return, he could
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Sammy still had a shot at life. Both Sammy and the doctor had their eyes set on a particular woman that made them test their will power and caused them to miss out on certain opportunities and in the end, none of them ended up with the girl that they wanted. The doctor started off doing what was right but he was blinded by “the princess’s great beauty and the happy prospect of becoming her husband so infatuated him that he flung all caution to the wind” (Grimm 13). Sammy started off being miserable until he saw Queenie, but he and the doctor share a common flaw. They both just cannot resist the power of women. The doctor did not have another chance at life to think about his mistakes, but Sammy has a fresh start in life and he can learn from his
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