Godfather Death Short Story Analysis

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"Godfather Death," is a short story written by Brothers Grimm. It is about a poor father’s 13th son. The father already had 12 sons. He gave his 13th son to Death to be his godson; since he was very poor. When the son grew up and became doctor, he tried to deceive the Death and as a result, the Death could not tolerate his action and took the protagonist’s (the son, or doctor’s) life. 1. Conflict: A. The plot of the story is based on the conflict. Conflict is the main issue that happens between protagonist and another person, event or element and avoids the protagonist to reach his target and create obstacles. B. In the story there are a lot of conflicts for example, there is one between doctor and Death. Doctor wants to deceive the death…show more content…
Suspense: A. It is a sense of concern and doubt that the readers feel and eagerly want to know what happens to the story or event. B. For example when the protagonist second time cheated Death, it created concerns for readers if the Death forgives or kills the son (p.14). Also, when the father wanted to choose the Godfather, it made the readers interested to know who is going to be the godfather (p.13). 5. Antagonist: A. It is the person who is against the main character or protagonist. B. Death the godfather is the antagonist. It was shown as antagonist when he gave warning to his godson after he cheated him (p. 14). Later he totally became against his godson when the son cheated for the second time and the death killed him (P. 14). It is clearly visible in the story that the Death and the doctor work against each other. 6. Crisis: A. It is the main time in the story when there is need for important decision or action. B. The crisis happen after the son cheated for the first time by curing the king (Kennedy, & Gioia, 2016, P. 14). After this incident, the Death and the doctor somehow lost their relationship and become against each other. 7. Foreshadowing: A. It is a warning that shows the possibility of events in the
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