Godiva And Delice Case Study

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Product Improvement and Marketing Strategy Godiva and Delice both have a higher price and sales than Charles. Trendy packaging is the reason that Charles cannot take a competitive advantage.So in this case, Charles has to upgrade their packaging if they want to compete with Godiva and Delice. Charles could relaunch their product with new packaging that should be trendy and eye-catching without compromising company heritage or corporate culture. Charles’ current marketing strategy is to focus on the local community which already has a strong presence. Charles needs to increase its marketing to the tourist community and internationally. The advertisements should follow industry trends for use of ethically responsible ingredients to produce the highest quality chocolates. In order to attract and keep the new, non-local customers, online presence and sales channels need to increase. Resources and Capabilities Development Strategy Charles is prepared to play a…show more content…
To compete in such a challenging industry, Charles needs to revitalize the company’s packaging and marketing plan. Due to the affluent nature of the customers and the possible variety in the product Charles should focus on improving the company’s organizational capabilities so less money is spent on administration and more is sent to the bottom line and shareholders. It is recommended the company implement systems and policies that will measure productivity and develop an accurate method of forecasting sales. This will result in lower inventory carrying costs, fewer out of stock issues, and fewer back orders that need to be filled. If Charles can reduce the number of back orders and out-of-stock products it can concentrate on a single product line at a time which will reduce the frequency of expensive switching

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