Godiva Chocolatier Case Study

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The purpose of this Executive Brief (EB) is to provide summarized information on Godiva Chocolatier and the performing operations in Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom. The report will start off with a brief introduction on Godiva Chocolatier and its expanding business operation whilst highlight on the selected countries with regard to the information about Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom; population; culture; languages and relating the similarities and differences between the two countries.
Company Overview and Background

Started off from a home production of Pierre Draps Senior in 1926 from Brussels, the sweet blend of almonds and hazelnuts mixed with caramelized sugar; the classic Belgian chocolate named was born. The family affair very quickly
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Regardless the reality that Saudi Arabia is identified not the third-biggest country in Asia, after China and India, its area is complicated to decide on the grounds that few of its outskirts are not completely distinguished. By United Nations (UN), this nation has an area of 1,960,582 sq km.
The local language of the local individuals, Arabic is a Semitic language recognised with Aramaic and Hebrew. Islam is the national religion and all citizens should be Muslims. About 85% of the common populations of Saudi Arabia are Sunni Muslims; the main structure is Wahhabism (Peterson, 2003). Country’ population is 27 million, comprising 8.4 million foreign people. The atmosphere is for the most part extraordinarily extremely hot and dry; and dust storms and dust tempests are normal. Temperatures vary in day and night. From May to September, the most blazing time, daytime temperatures around 54°c (129°f) in the inside and are among the most astounding recorded anyplace on the world. Temperatures are somewhat lower with the seashores however stickiness records 90%, in particular in the east, which is observed for considerable

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