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God’s Chesed The study of God and his promises to the people have become a foundation for all theological studies. A significant part of this promise is God’s chesed. God’s chesed is the promise and commitment God has made to his people. He shows this everyday, specifically in the Old Testament of the Bible. His chesed has been shown through his mercy and passion in a myriad of ways. I have come to learn and understand God’s chesed, and how it has and will continue to benefit me for the remainder of my life. To begin, one must understand what chesed really is. Chesed is God’s promise to his people and commitment to a relationship with humankind. The meaning can be simplified down to a mere two words, God’s loyalty. Of God’s countless characteristics, chesed is one of the most respected by his people. He proves this in both the stories about Jesus’ ascension into the Kingdom of Heaven, Cain and Abel, Ruth and Naomi, Moses, Abraham, and so many more. All of these stories show many different aspects of God’s promise, but they all relatively similar in the fact that they originate from chesed. One prominent example of our Lord’s chesed comes from scripture’s “Ruth and…show more content…
Scripture tells us that God came to Abraham, telling him that if he truly was committed to God, he must sacrifice his only son. Abraham agreed, and took his son to a mountain top, prepared to prove his true loyalty to God. As he was about to strike Isaac, God came to him and commanded him to stop, and in reward of his loyalty, gave him descendants as abundant as the stars. This story shows how God’s chesed has allowed his people to be faithful to him as well as the other way around. It proves how God is faithful to his people by giving rewards to those faithful in return, and proves how God’s commitment helps his follower’s stay committed to
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